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After planning

If planning permission is granted

Mike Keiser, Todd Warnock and Bill Coore (of the renowned golf course Architects Coore & Crenshaw), collectively the developers behind the original golf course application, were not the only party interested in Coul Links.  Two other golf course developers, both fronted by multi-Major winning golfers, also expressed firm interest in creating a world class golf course at Coul Links.

Therefore, if Communities for Coul is successful and planning permission is finally granted, we will invite developers with the skill and sensitivity to create the world class golf course this special site warrants to submit appropriate tenders.

If planning permission is refused

The exceptional opportunity to create jobs and improve the overall prosperity of our area will be lost, likely for ever.

The owner of Coul Farm will have to agree a limited environmental management plan with NatureScot and find away to fund it.

To fund the environmental management plan to a level that prevents the overall condition of the SSSI from continuing to slowly deteriorate, the landowner will have to look at alternative sources of income such as the erection of wind turbines and the creation of a site for caravans and motorhomes.

New golf developments to the South of the Dornoch Bridge, such as the planned second course at Castle Stuart, will result in more golf tourists staying in the Inverness area and less overnight stays in the towns and villages of the Dornoch Firth seaboard, with a corresponding negative impact on our local accommodation providers, businesses and golf courses.