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‘Preparing for Planning’ – a new fundraising appeal

Communities for Coul (C4C) has been funded since its inception by generous donations from our supporters, mostly small sums from many local people who understand our environmental argument and can see the transformational economic benefits that a world-class Coul Links golf course could bring to our local communities.

Our community ballot, held in June 2021, achieved a 69.2% vote in support our aim, providing C4C with a clear mandate to move forward to “preparing for planning.”

As previously announced, Mike Keiser, the world renowned golf course developer and environmentalist, has been persuaded by C4C to return to East Sutherland to invest £10 million + in creating what will become one of the World’s leading golf courses at Coul Links – but only if C4C obtain the planning permission required.

Mike and his team were involved in the original application and invested a great deal of their time and money in that project. He was undoubtably treated shoddily by some at that time and we would have understood if he and his team had wanted to walk away from Coul Links forever. Given his previous experiences, we believe his decision to not get involved until after the planning process is complete is entirely reasonable.

About Communities for Coul

Communities for Coul (C4C) is a not-for-profit company formed by a group of local people united in the belief that the towns and villages of the Dornoch Firth were dealt a grave disservice when the Scottish Government refused the planning application for a golf course at Coul Links.

C4C aims to redress this injustice by putting forward a new community led planning application for a world class and environmentally sensitive golf course to be built at Coul Links.

Our target is to raise £100,000

This funding will be used to meet the costs of the various environmental and economic studies and reports required to support our planning application, and to pay for the planning expertise we need to ensure we have the best chance of success.

To raise these funds, we will be running a series of events throughout the coming months where local people can continue to show their amazing support – and have a bit of fun as well!

Because of the scale of our challenge, the Directors* of C4C now also appeal to lovers of East Sutherland and/or Links golf, whether they reside in Scotland, UK or anywhere else in the World, to financially support our cause. All donations will be greatly appreciated and will be used judiciously

* None of the C4C Directors receive any payment and all volunteer their time and expertise for free.

Please make your donation here:

As always, please only make a donation if you are certain you can afford to do so and in the knowledge that, although we will do our utmost to achieve our aim, we may ultimately be unsuccessful.