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How to write a great letter of support to The Highland Council:

(Ideally before 9th April)

  1. Email with the reference: Coul Links Golf Development 23/00580/FUL.
  2. The email does not have to be long, but it must be in your own words, and cite some reason/s. You may find it useful to read some of this website before writing it.
  3. Give your full name, address and postcode.
  4. Encourage everybody else in your house and in your network to do the same thing! (Only 1 letter per person).
  5. Copy Dornoch Community Council at:
  6. Copy our local MSP’s:
Constituency MSP
Maree Todd (SNP)
Highland Regional List MSPs
Douglas Ross (Conservative)
Edward Mountain (Conservative)
Rhoda Grant (Labour)
Donald Cameron (Conservative)
Ariane Burgess (Green)
Jamie Halcro Johnson (Conservative)
Emma Roddick (SNP)

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP! We really appreciate it.