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As founder and Chairperson of the Tain and District Development Trust, I am in full support of a second planning application for a golf course at Coul Links and I am encouraged to see an ambitious community-led approach unfold with wider communities and local golf clubs working together to make a significant impact for the East Sutherland and Ross-shire area.

‘A world class golf course and so much more’. Having another world class golf course would be very exciting however it’s the so much more part that really grips my interest.

The social and economic benefits that the successful implementation of this project would have are needed now more than ever as our communities face a depopulation crisis and the Covid 19 pandemic. As a mother of two young boys and someone who works within training and education, I am particularly concerned for the ‘Covid Generation’, our young people, who face the toughest times ahead. We will see exponential levels of youth unemployment and a successful application for a golf course at Coul links and all the investment and job opportunities that will follow as a result, will provide our young people, businesses and wider communities with much needed hope of a brighter future for all.

Sarah MacKenzie, Tain, Age 34