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I was really disappointed to see the original Coul Links application rejected when common sense suggested that its existence would be so very beneficial to the land it occupies and a local community so bereft of opportunities for future growth and employment opportunities in this remote are of the Scottish Highlands.

Make no mistake, the land is scrub land. There are literally hundreds of thousands of acres like it in the counties of Caithness and Sutherland. Most of these acres have remained the same for centuries. They will not be developed in any shape or form.

The area of scrubland we are talking about may be a haven for wildlife but it is unmanaged, out of control and unloved. It is not frequented by tourists and few locals use it. Any form of management is a plus whether associated with sporting pastimes or not.

In my view it is absolutely essential that an opportunity to bring employment to the area and increased local spend to small businesses should be fully supported by government. Give the North of Scotland something to shout about. Give the land a chance to be loved and give new employment opportunities to an area so in need of them.

Bernard Ledwith, KW9, Age 66