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Since moving to Dornoch in 2014, I have become aware of how much our area seems to be ‘at the end of the line’ for public investment. Although many local community groups do their best to improve the lot of local residents, there appears to be a distinct lack of funding from regional and national government. This problem is clearly longstanding as the historic depopulation of our area shows. Unfortunately, this depopulation is forecast to continue and in conjunction with an ageing demographic implies a slow, but seemingly inexorable, decline.

With family living here and having visited East Sutherland every year since birth, I have a deep affection for the area. I therefore wholeheartedly support a development that would bring around £50 million of private investment and an estimate 175 local jobs, many of which will offer possibilities for outstanding careers to our young people.

Without these jobs the area will continue to lose its youth and a community without youth is a community that is dying. A new world class golf course at Coul Links, together with the other developments that will come as a result, gives our area the hope of a brighter future.

Gordon Sutherland, Dornoch. Age 60.