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We live for part of the year at the house in Dornoch that we have owned for 30 years. I am a keen golfer who, before retirement spent nearly 30 years in an international business and served on some UK Government advisory boards.  I have also served as a District Councillor on the Chichester District Planning Committee.  I am now 86 and raise money for a new village sports pavilion.

I am convinced that the Dornoch area, having no really competitive assets apart from RDGC, needs a second championship standard golf course in order to attract visitors to stay longer than a day or two, as so many do now. A real increase in numbers and in the duration of visits would bring real wealth and employment to the area, with considerable knock-on benefits to the local infrastructure. This really should be a no-brainer for any governing body.

Jenifer and John Mitchell, age 86