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Greetings from Dave Lemoine, an American who has been coming to the Highlands for 30 years.

I strongly support the safe and ecologically friendly development of a golf course at Coul Links. The Highlands are a special place and the locals second to none.

My wife and I rented a home in Dornoch for a month to experience Scottish life. We cherish that vacation amongst our finest over 50 years. More recently, I’ve been an annual visitor to Royal Dornoch Golf Club where I hold an international membership. While unable to visit last year because¬†of COVID restrictions, I am hopeful that Scotland opens up by midsummer, at least for those of us who have been vaccinated.

Tourists and golfers visiting the Highlands are good for the local economy, jobs, small businesses, restaurants and the prosperity of your area. A well designed golf course will protect and preserve the sensitive seaside areas for lifetimes.

I encourage the prudent development of Coul Links for the benefit of the Scottish people and its spectacular geography.

Dave Lemoine, age 73, USA